Policies Regarding Children

Children are always welcome at the Merriam-Gilbert Public Library. Our Children’s collection contains a wide variety of materials including, but not limited to, books in various formats, magazines, music, and films. Staff do not screen or monitor patron usage of any library materials or services. Likewise, children have the same access rights to the Internet that adults do, as accorded by the American Library Association Library Bill of Rights. Therefore, it is the responsibility of parents and/or caregivers to supervise their children to ensure their safety as well as uphold their particular family values. Librarians are not permitted to reveal the content or activity of the patron record of a child over the age of 12 to anyone other than the cardholder. Therefore, the Library encourages parents and/or caregivers to be involved with their child’s choices, and recommends communication about those choices directly with their child.

Unattended Children

In order to provide for the general safety of children using the Merriam-Gilbert Public Library, as well as all persons using the Library, and also to prevent undue disruption of normal library activities, the following rules and regulations are a matter of policy at the Merriam-Gilbert Public Library.

1. Children under 9 years old must at all times be attended to and adequately supervised by a responsible person (an adult or adolescent age 14+), and not by Library personnel.

2. Children 9 years of age or older may visit the Library unattended. Disruptive children will be given direction and a warning. If these attempts fail, Library Staff will contact the child’s caregiver. If caregivers cannot be reached, Library Staff reserve the right to contact the Policy Department.

3. The Merriam-Gilbert Public Library assumes no responsibility for children of any age left unattended at the Library. If a child is left unattended at closing, an attempt will be made to contact the child’s parent or caregiver. If this attempt is unsuccessful, Library Staff may call the Police Department, which may take custody of the child, in order to ensure that the child is safe and supervised until he or she can be picked up. Under no circumstances will Library Staff give minor patrons a ride home.

4. Parents/caregivers assume all liability for damage done by their children to any library property.

Children’s Programming Policy

Any child under 9 years old must be accompanied to Library programs by a responsible person (an adult or adolescent age 14+). Parents/caregivers are required to remain in the room in which the program is taking place for the duration of the program.

Approved: 01/2008
Revised: 01/21/2016