E-Reader Policy

  • It is the policy of the Merriam-Gilbert Public Library (MGPL) to lend e-Readers to all eligible Library patrons.
  • Eligible patrons are defined as those possessing a library record in good standing (no fines or billed items, and up-to-date contact information).
  • E-Readers may be borrowed for a 2-week period, with 1 renewal for an additional week if there are no outstanding patron holds.
  • E-Readers are subject to replacement costs ($350.00) if the device is:
    • returned with damage that renders it inoperable.
    • not returned 1 week beyond the loan period.
  • An E-Reader Loan Agreement (please see below) must be read and signed by the borrower before the device is checked out for the first time.
  • E-Reader check out is limited to 1 per household.

The E-Reader will not be checked in if:

  • charger (power cord), storage case, and/or stylus are not returned.
  • any damage or tampering is assessed (including any consequence of misuse, accident, modification, attempts to access internal parts, removal of labels, keys, or equipment components.)
  • The equipment remains the property of MGPL. The borrower is responsible to safeguard and protect the device against damage and loss throughout the loan period.

E-Reader Loan Agreement

  • I am fully responsible for any loss or damage to this e-Reader.
  • I will not loan this E-Reader to another person.
  • I will return this E-Reader, and all associated components, to a staff member at the Circulation Desk, in the same condition in which it was received within the loan period.

Approved: 01/20/2011