Internet Use Policy

The Internet allows users to connect to resources outside the Library. The Merriam-Gilbert Public Library does not monitor information accessed through the Internet, nor does the Library have complete knowledge of what is on the Internet. While the Internet can be a valuable resource that provides educational, entertaining, and culturally enriching information, other information on the Internet may be inaccurate, outdated, or unavailable at times. The Merriam-Gilbert Public Library cannot be held responsible for the content of the Internet or consequences of Internet usage. Using the Internet has aspects that are inherently dangerous. As with all Library materials, a child’s use of the Internet is the responsibility of the parents and/or legal guardian. Please be advised that the Library’s Internet access is unfiltered and available to all patrons, regardless of age. The Library Board of Trustees and its employees assume no responsibility for harm of any type arising from the use of any information, software, or data obtained from or posted to the Internet.

In addition, the Merriam-Gilbert Public Library offers wireless access to our Internet service. The Library’s Internet Use Policy governs the use of the Internet over our wireless access points in all areas within range of the connection, both inside and outside the building on the Library’s premises.

Wireless Internet poses the same risks to your personal information that a wired network poses, as well as some additional risks. Wireless users need to educate themselves about these risks, and take steps to secure their personal information accordingly. Cautious wireless users may choose not to transmit their credit card information and passwords while using any wireless hotspot, including the Library’s. The Library cannot ensure the safety of your data when you use either our wired or wireless Internet access.

Prohibited use of the Merriam-Gilbert Public Library’s Internet connection includes:

 Using the Internet for illegal purposes

 Using the Internet in violation of the Massachusetts General Law 272 Section 31, the Harmful to Minors Statute

 Unauthorized copying of copyright-protected material in any format

 Transmission of chain mail, broadcast letters, or junk mail of any type

 Transmission of threatening, harassing, defamatory, or obscene materials

 Unauthorized access to remote computer systems

Library Staff will provide general information on the settings necessary to access the Internet via our wireless connection. If a user has problems accessing the Internet through the connection, Staff will only verify that the Library’s connection is operating normally.

Additionally, Library Staff cannot be expected to assist with or perform troubleshooting on a patron’s personal device. The Library cannot accept liability for handling a patron’s own technology. The Library will not be held responsible for any loss of data or damage to personal equipment.

Patrons’ time on the Internet is limited to two 30-minute sessions per day. Additional time may be granted at the discretion of Library Staff. Patrons are financially responsible for damage to the equipment that occurs during usage. Library users have access to the printer. The first 3 pages printed are free, and each page is 10 cents thereafter. Printing from the wireless network is currently available.

Approved: 03/2012
Revised: 12/8/2015