Art Exhibit and Display Policy

The purpose of exhibits at the Library is to present artwork that will serve to stimulate the appreciation and understanding of art in the greater West Brookfield community.

Artists interested in exhibiting their own work or items from their personal collections will speak with the Adult Services Librarian, who reserves the right to request examples of the artwork.

Exhibits may be flat or 3 dimensional, including paintings, drawings, etchings, posters, photographs, mixed media, sculptures, textiles, pottery, crafts, and collectibles. All artwork must be properly framed prior to the exhibit, which shall not be at the Library’s expense. If artwork is approved, the exhibits will remain on display for a length of time determined by the Library Director and Adult Services Librarian. Either individuals or groups may apply to exhibit their work, and requests will be considered from professional artists, accomplished amateurs, and collectors. Those submitting a request should indicate specific exhibit dates preferred, which will be subject to final approval by the Library Director and Adult Services Librarian.

The artist(s) will work with the Library staff to develop a quality exhibit that is appropriate for the space provided. The installation of the exhibit will be the responsibility of the artist(s) and will be completed on the Thursday before the exhibit’s opening date between the hours of 10am and 7pm. The artist(s) will keep the artwork on display for the entire exhibit period. The artist(s) must remove the exhibit on the Thursday that the exhibit closes between the hours of 10am and 7pm. Any artwork that is not suitably prepared (e.g. framed, pedestals for sculptures, etc.) for exhibit and any artwork that interferes with Library operations may be refused. All exhibit specifications, including size, location, and selection of artwork require authorization from the Library Director and the Adult Services Librarian.

The Library will provide insurance coverage for the loss or damage of the artwork. Valuations will be provided by the artist/owner of the artwork and will be based upon the face value. This should be submitted prior to, or at, the installation of the exhibit on the Thursday before the opening of the exhibit. If this is not completed, then the artist forfeits the right to have art insured by the Library and the artist must sign a “Release from Liability, Indemnity and Hold Harmless Agreeement” form.

Any printed materials (e.g. pamphlets, booklets, companion catalogues, etc.) and their associated costs are the sole responsibility of the artist(s).

Artists will be allowed to keep contact information available at the circulation desk in the event that there are public inquiries concerning the purchase of their artwork.

The Library Staff are not authorized to act as agents in the sale of art displayed in or outside of the Library on behalf of the exhibiting artist(s).

The Library reserves the right to publicize the exhibit or any events related to it.

Artists may hold a public reception during the exhibit dates when their work is on display pending the Library Director’s approval.

All exhibits will be loaned free of charge to the Library and admission-free to the general public.

Approved: 03/23/2006
Revised: 01/21/2016